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Project Team

Project Team

Project Team

Our team comprised of climate modellers, statisticians and impacts specialists from the universities of Leeds, Exeter, Edinburgh, Reading, Liverpool, Newcastle and Oxford, as well as from the London School of Economics and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Click on the names and workpackages to find out more.

The roles of the investigators in the workpackages is shown below, with names in bold indicating principal responsibility for guiding the work of the PDRAs of the seven institutions. The Principal Investigator for the project was Andy Challinor.  A list of the appointed PDRAs is also shown below.

Institution WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7
Challinor, Andy Leeds Lead
Allen, Icarus Plymouth Lead
Allen, Myles Oxford Lead
Dessai, Suraje Exeter Cont.
Ferro, Chris Exeter Lead
Hawkins, Ed Reading Cont. Cont.
Hegerl, Gabi Edinburgh Lead
Kilsby, Chris Newcastle Cont. Cont.
Morse, Andy Liverpool Lead
Smith, Lenny LSE Lead
Stephenson, David Exeter Cont.
Tett, Simon Edinburgh Cont. Cont.

Project management was overseen by the Executive Board, comprising the seven workpackage leaders, Met Office Hadley Centre project partner, Peter Stott, and Sarah Collinge, the NERC representative.

The Advisory Group monitored progress and provided expert advice throughout the project, and it comprised of John Rees (NERC Natural Hazards theme leader); Rowan Sutton (Director of NCAS Climate); Reto Knutti, Peter Jan van Leeuwen and Paul Samuels (mentors at the event where EQUIP was conceived); Keith Beven (sandpit participant); Peter Challenor (RCUK MUCM project) and Roger Street (UKCIP).


Emma Suckling - London School of Economics, WP1 (Designing informative forecast systems).

Tom Fricker - University of Exeter, WP2 (Evaluating forecast systems)

William Ingram - University of Oxford, WP4 (Implementation of forecast systems)

James Watson – University of Leeds, WP5 (Crops case studies)

Helen Hanlon - University of Edinburgh, WP6  (Droughts and heatwaves)

Momme Butenschon – Plymouth Marine Laboratory, WP7 (Marine Ecosystems).