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EQUIP network

EQUIP network

EQUIP network

Through our work, and interaction with others, we seeked to develop a network of academics and practitioners with an interest in predicting climate and its impacts in order to support decision-making and equip society for climate change. This part of the site become a place where this community could develop online. Meanwhile, please do contact us with any comments or ideas.

The project partners formally involved since inception are:

Dr. Mat Collins, Manager of Ensemble Climate Prediction at the Met Office Hadley Centre. His research interests are in quantifying uncertainty and probabilistic climate prediction. He manages the group that produced the climate model simulations for the UK Climate Projections 2009. He has also worked on decadal climate predictability and El Nino. He was recently an expert advisor to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Adaptation report, the UK Climate Change Committee and the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change.

Dr. Peter Stott, Head of Climate Monitoring and Attribution at the Met Office Hadley Centre. He was a lead author of the IPCC WG I report, chapter 9, for the AR4 released in 2007 and a member of the Core Writing Team of the IPCC AR4 synthesis report. His research interests are in understanding and attributing past climate change and in using past changes to provide observationally constrained estimates of uncertainties in future changes.

Dr. Robert Willows has for 10 years been the Environment Agency’s Risk and Forecasting Science Manager. The Environment Agency is the largest organisation in Europe that aims to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. Dr. Willows manages a team of environmental scientists engaged in the delivery of bespoke, large scale assessments of environmental risk, to inform National policy choices and target management interventions. The team specialise in helping inform policies and real world decisions that cross environmental media, require interdisciplinary expertise and working, and that integrate, sometimes, complex modelling results with other relevant empirical data.

The Africa College Partnership, an interdisciplinary research initiative of the University of Leeds in human health and sustainable food security in sub-Saharan Africa. The principal external partner is the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture.

CAFOD, an NGO that works to promote human development and social justice, and it has an active interest in the use of risk-based climate prediction.

The principal workpackage for the EQUIP network is:

Workpackage 3: User engagement
Lead: Andy Morse (Liverpool)
Contributing: Suraje Dessai (Exeter), Chris Kilsby (Newcastle), Robert Willows (EA), Mike Edwards (CAFOD)
Role: to ensure that the project interacts effectively with a wide variety of potential beneficiaries in both the public and private sectors.